Winter Sale! Up to 20% off your CSA Share!

Give your friends the opportunity to get the freshest possible food at the end of the shortest possible food chain. 

10% off Winter Sale

If you sign up BEFORE February 15th get 10% off for the 2017 season.  This deal is open to any and every new customer, delivery and/or pickup. You can’t beet this deal!

Promo Codes:***                                     

For Full Share use WINTERFULL

For Half Share use WINTERHALF

For Micro Share use MICRO5


Just for signing up by February 15th!

***can only be combined with 1 other promo code & promo code will not apply to delivery fees.

Learn more about Full & Half Shares

Directions for entering Promo Code on Square

When you are on the Checkout page where you will enter your Personal and Billing Information there will be a grey box on the right hand side.

Next to “Discount” click “enter promotional code”  (it should be highlighted in blue)

If you have questions or need assistance, you can always contact us!


Refer a Friend.

                    Get 10% Off***

Who better to hear about Micro Farms produce and why they should become a CSA Shareholder, than from you?  Well, we want to show our deep appreciation for your help and efforts.

Therefore, if you refer someone and they sign up, you will then qualify for a 10% discount on YOUR Full or Half CSA Share and 5% on your Micro Share.   

No chemicals are used and this is a great opportunity to buy local, strengthening our local food production system.

In order to get this discount please email or text Matt ([email protected]; 303 503-4651) and tell him the name of person you are referring.

Once your referral is signed up, he will then email you a personalized promo code that can be used when you place your order.

Be sure to get the promo code BEFORE placing your CSA order.  

If you have already purchased your CSA share from us for the 2017 season, we will give you a credit that can be used towards your CSA Share for the 2018 season. 

***can only be combined with 1 other promo code & promo code will not apply to delivery fees.

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Sale ends February 15th!

Learn more about Full & Half Shares